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Lyn Thurman at Biz WitcheryAre you just starting out on your small business adventure or maybe wanting to explore how to get that good idea off the ground? It can be a confusing journey in the digital age – more so when you want to make a heart-felt impact without losing your soul.

Sounds daunting, doesn’t it?

Don’t give up! I can guide you and your business safely through the challenges.

Together we can find your magic, craft a business that feels good to you, and find ways you can express yourself without compromising your integrity.

My experience

I have a background in IT, was a director’s PA and have been self-employed full-time for 11 years.

Through my business ups and downs, I’ve learned that flexibility and willingness to adapt are crucial. The old school ways won’t get your business far anymore (yet still many are keen to teach it).

I keep up on and implement only the newest and most effective business trends (think social media, presentation and advertising) and I can help you do the same.

I’m also an experienced EFT practitioner and a qualified life coach.

What is Biz Witchery?

Biz Witchery is my spiritual business. I created it to teach like minded souls that want to make a difference in the world, such as yourself, how to put more ease and flow into their businesses by bringing together the practical and spiritual aspects.

In addition to coaching and consulting on how to grow and make your business thrive, I offer add-on services – ghost writing, editing and web design – so you can spend your time creating, marketing and finding new clients.

All business is spiritual

When creating a business, you’re creating an entity with its own unique energy blueprint. In order for it to feel fulfilling and prosperous, it’s important you power it up with the right spirit.

As part of my coaching experience, I’ll teach you how to pour your spirit into your business as well as help you determine if there’s a saint, god or goddess you could join with to give it that extra oomph.

Don’t Fall for the hype

It’s easy to feel despondent when playing the comparison game.

All those ads on the internet that promise an overnight success and an easy six-figure income by simply growing your list are untruths.  Whilst your list is a crucial part of your business, it’s only one aspect.

Journeying into business is not that simple. Business can be stressful and you can easily lose your direction along the way.

What’s my solution?

My solution is to teach you how to use three words of power (MAGIC, CHARM and CRAFT) to do the inner and outer work necessary to make your business a success that will bring joy to your soul.

These three words are the secret of my success. Work with me and they will soon be yours as well.

The Biz-Witchery coaching packages

I offer two coaching packages:  CHARMED and ENCHANTMENT.  Both give you regular contact with me and unlimited email support in between sessions.  CHARMED is a 3-month package with an initial call followed by 3 monthly calls.  ENCHANTMENT is a 12-week intensive programme that kicks off with a 90-minute call and then is followed up by 11 weekly calls.

Biz-Witchery coaching is for you if:

  • You are feeling lost and alone in business
  • You want help from someone who doesn’t fit the ‘traditional’ business mentor mould
  • You need guidance from someone who has over a decade of experience in the technical and practical aspects of running a business
  • You’re willing to look at energetic blocks (limiting beliefs) and do the inner work that will grow you and your business
  • You want to make your business feel in alignment with your soul. Business should feel good!

I can’t promise:

  • Instant, overnight success
  • You’ll go from zero to six-figures in 2.9 seconds
  • You’ll have Oprah Winfrey inviting you to lunch

Through Biz-Witchery mentoring you will find:

  • Clarity on the right way forward for you
  • Ways of working & marketing that resonate with you (this is a sleaze free zone)
  • Help on overcoming limiting beliefs and energetic blocks
  • Advice on the technical bits of building of running a business
  • Direction and purpose
  • Accountability
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