Business Tarot Forecast: 15th October 2018

This week’s cards are from the Sea Whispers oracle by Lyn Thurman and the Rider Waite tarot.

The tarot and oracle cards have been shuffled… ready to find out what’s in store for your business this week with the Biz-Witchery business forecast?

The Page of Pentacles Reversed and Shell

For those of you that own your own business and have gone through some sort of specialized training (be it traditional schooling, an apprenticeship or extra courses) to do what you do, you’ve probably been asking yourself why. To this point you’ve used very little, if any, of what you’ve learned. 

This week all will be revealed when unique situations arise. If it weren’t for your past training, you’d have no idea how to handle them.

Employees beware. You’ll be up against situations that will leave you baffled. 

Whilst you’re rattled, it’s time to do some soul searching. Do you enjoy doing what you’re doing or are you just tolerating it for the money and benefits?

Be honest because you’ve reached a place in your job in which more education is needed if you want to proceed forward.

That being the case, it would be just as easy to start a different occupation. The learning curve will be exactly the same, so be true to yourself.


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Paul Thurman

Paul is a qualified transformation coach, freelance writer and energy therapist. He is the Biz-Witchery tarot guy - conjuring his 20+ years experience of tarot consultations and tarot teaching into the business realm.

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