Business Tarot Forecast: 22nd October 2018

This week’s cards are from the Sea Whispers oracle by Lyn Thurman and the Rider Waite tarot.

The tarot and oracle cards have been shuffled… ready to find out what’s in store for your business this week with the Biz-Witchery business forecast?

The Devil Reversed and Octopus Reversed

 A negative energy of lack flows through this week. Whether you own your own business, are self employed or work for someone else, you’ll definitely feel its snaky tentacles.

Events will arise that will cause you to invest a vast amount of hours for very little, if any, gain. Frustration at this will likely cause get rich schemes and long shots to  look quite attractive. Avoid them like the plague! They’ll only lead to money loss and despair.

When these types of energies flow, thieves and arsonists come out of the woodwork.  So, be sure your properties and possessions are well looked after. 

Pay close attention to your intuition and be open to beefing up your security  on both the physical and magickal levels.

Until this dark tide passes, change is not your friend. Keep things as they are, even though nothing good appears to be coming from them. Weather it out and focus on protecting your assets.

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Paul Thurman

Paul is a qualified transformation coach, freelance writer and energy therapist. He is the Biz-Witchery tarot guy - conjuring his 20+ years experience of tarot consultations and tarot teaching into the business realm.

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