Business Tarot Forecast: 24th September 2018

This week’s cards are from the Sea Whispers oracle by Lyn Thurman and the Rider Waite tarot.

The tarot and oracle cards have been shuffled… ready to find out what’s in store for your business this week with the Biz-Witchery business forecast?

Five of swords and Waves

In regards to finances, this will be an exceptional week. Money is flowing as it should and there are no immediate bills that need paying.

Without the need to focus on the present, you’ll find your thoughts catapulting into the future. As they do, worry will set in. You’ll realise that your current business blueprint needs to evolve if you’re going to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Be prepared for disagreements. As you’re pondering about what to do, your partners and associates  will be doing the same. With all of your minds being taken up with anxiety about the future, communication will be strained. Even if you carefully guard your words and actions, there’s a good chance they’ll be misinterpreted and offense taken.

To survive this week without fracturing any relationships, guard your words and body language, communicating only as necessary. Allow everyone, including yourself, to catch their breaths and find their balance points.

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Paul Thurman

Paul is a qualified transformation coach, freelance writer and energy therapist. He is the Biz-Witchery tarot guy - conjuring his 20+ years experience of tarot consultations and tarot teaching into the business realm.

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