Business Tarot Forecast: 29th October 2018

This week’s cards are from the Sea Whispers oracle by Lyn Thurman and the Rider Waite tarot.

The tarot and oracle cards have been shuffled… ready to find out what’s in store for your business this week with the Biz-Witchery business forecast?

The Knight of Cups Reversed and Seahorse

Due to unforeseen circumstances, an important document you’ve been expecting will fail to arrive

You know this document will drastically change the way you’re conducting business, just not exactly how.  And, it’s this mystery that will cause your working environment to be fraught with tension.

Relax! Whilst it’s true there will be some drastic changes, they’re not the negative ones you fear.

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, do what you must to keep from dwelling on the inevitable. 

Everything is going to be fine.

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Paul Thurman

Paul is a qualified transformation coach, freelance writer and energy therapist. He is the Biz-Witchery tarot guy - conjuring his 20+ years experience of tarot consultations and tarot teaching into the business realm.

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