Your website is up and running but you have a sneaky suspicion that your writing isn’t hitting the spot.

It’s okay. It’s readable. It’s functional.

But it’s not captivating you or your readers.

Charm Your Copy is perfect if:

  • You already have the text written for your website
  • You fear your writing is too bland or generic
  • You want to make your words more attractive to clients
  • You’d like a little more wow factor and less snooze appeal in your copy.
  • You want someone else (that’s me) to fix your words for you

Allow me to charm your copy

Charm Your Copy is a morning or afternoon of my time (3 hours) dedicated to your website copy.

I bring a fresh pair of eyes and a bag of writing tools to shine up what you’ve already written.  Charm Your Copy includes editing, proofreading, tweaking or rewriting your web copy so you can feel good about how your website represents you and your services.

Writing for the web is different from traditional print writing.  Remember those rules you learnt in English lessons at school? Well, the internet broke (some of) them.  Formatting your writing for busy readers will get your work read by more people that matter (your clients) – I’ll help with that.

What you can expect

Depending on the size of your website, it might not be possible to work through all your pages.  I will start at the most important – homepage, about page and sales pages – and work through as much as possible in your dedicated time.  Plus, you get the added bonus of my years spent in IT & website design – any glaring no-nos and I’ll let you know that too.

Within 2 working days after spending the afternoon or morning charming your copy, I’ll email you:

  • Updated web copy in Word documents for you to review and upload to your website.
  • Details of any technical stuff I noticed such as broken links.

You’ll have web copy that’s easier on the eye for your readers, reflects who you are and what your business is all about.  Plus, you’ll feel a little bit sparkly on the inside.

Ready?  Let’s do this.

Charm Your Copy

3 easy steps to get started

Step 1

Click the ‘book now’ button below to submit your payment.  Payment is through PayPal so you can be confident your details are safe and secure.

Step 2

After you submit your payment, you’ll receive a welcome email with a Charm Your Copy questionnaire.  You should receive the email within a couple of hours so keep a lookout in your inbox (and, sadly, your spam folder).

Step 3

Fill out the Charm Your Copy questionnaire, press send and then I’ll book you in my diary.  I’ll email you to let you know when I’ll charm your copy.  Easy!

What you need to know

I don’t need administrator access to your website.  I’ll cut and paste text into Word documents and then email the new charmed web copy.  This way, you keep your login details safe and secure.

If you haven’t gone live yet but have all the copy ready to roll, you can send me the documents.

UK English or US English? I do both.

Depending on my current waitlist, it may be two weeks before I can schedule in your Charm Your Copy session.

Charm Your Copy is per website.

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