Small business owners (and big businesses too, for that matter) can’t afford not to invest in digital designs. You need to have a business that feels and looks attractive to you and your clients. Your website, your logo and your business branding should capture the spirit of your business.

When you feel good about all aspects of your business, including the aesthetics, it shines outwards and brings people to you. You radiate, baby!

Biz-Witchery takes the stress out of digital designs. No more fumbling with DIY websites or spending hours trying to figure out the complexities of graphics software.

I can help you.

Website design

Your website is your business’s virtual home. It needs to be functional, attractive and resonate with you.

I design websites that tick all of your boxes.

Biz-Witchery website designs run on WordPress, as do over 25 percent of all websites. Your design is responsive which means it plays nicely on mobile devices as well as desktops.

You can make your website work for you 24/7 – collect email address for your newsletter (don’t have one yet? I can help with that too), sell your products or services with e-commerce, showcases your talents and build relationships through blogging.

If you already have a website but you’ve outgrown it, then I’d love to wave my magic (digital) wand. Biz-Witchery website make-overs and revamps are available.

Logo design

Bespoke and pre-made logos are available.

Pre-made designs are available in the shop for you to purchase.  Once you’ve bought the logo, I’ll customise it with your business name and tagline (if you’ve got one) and then I’ll send the graphics files to you.

If you want a logo designed exclusively for your business, I offer a bespoke logo design service.

Business branding

Business branding is more than your logo – it’s the visual ‘feel’ of your business.  Think logo, colours, fonts and photos.  Branding creates consistency and gives your business an identity.

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