How to create a money altar for your business

Everyone knows that innovation, intention and action are the foundations of any successful and thriving business. Of the three, intention is the most important because without it innovation and action are directionless. However, intention is only powerful when it’s focused unwaveringly on making money. If your focus isn’t on making money, you’ll only ever have a hobby or a charity, not a business.

Focusing on income with all the distractions and red tape that businesses present is difficult at best. That’s why it’s important to use anything you can to help. One very powerful, magickal solution is a money altar.

A money altar is an altar on which you place a number of objects that represent money to you. Its purpose is to sear your money making focus into your subconscious every time you see it. In this way, money is being pulled toward you, leaving your conscious mind to deal with the mechanics of your business.

An altar need not be an elaborate creation. It can simply be be a shelf, the top of a bookcase, nightstand, desk, table, box or even a spare spot on your counter. The only requirements are that you consider it sacred, there’s enough room to put at least three objects on it and that it’s situated in a spot you frequent.

Once you set up your money altar, make sure to visually take in all the objects each time you pass. When you can, stop for a few minutes and meditate on the items.

Here’s a list of some things you might want to include on your money altar:

  • Maneki Neko (the cat known for bringing in business in the Chinese culture)
  • Foreign currency to attract business from all over the world
  • An offering of water or alcohol for the spirits willing to aid your enterprise
  • One or more green candles
  • Nan Kwok statue or picture (A Thai spirit that attracts fortune, good luck and clients)
  • Saint Martin Caballero candle, prayer card or statue (patron saint for those in need)
  • Wealth oil
  • Picture of a cash register
  • Real money with a lodestone on top

In addition to spending time at your money altar, you’ll need to replace the water or alcohol daily as well as doing the following once your monthly needs have been met:

  • Give generously to others that need help
  • Light a white candle in thankfulness to the saints and spirits represented
  • Change the magnetic sand if you’re making use of a lodestone
  • Always keep your altar and the objects on it clean. Allowing dust and grime to gather shows disrespect and will discourage the energies from working with you.

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