Rid Yourself Of Internet Trolls

You’re going through your comments and you find another flamer. Looking it over, you recognise the style. You’ve no doubt that it’s from the same troll you recently banned from your site. A different name but definitely the same volatile, foul mouthed individual.

Enough is enough. You tried politely responding to several of his posts and only banned him when you understood he was being rude because he’s a miserable person that takes his pain out on others.

You thought that was the end of it but you were too optimistic. Relentless and vindictive, he insists on targeting you.

Thank goodness, not all internet trolls are this persistent. However, what can you do if you’re unfortunate enough to encounter one that is?

To get relief from this rare breed of obnoxious internet troll, I offer this wonderfully effective spell.

What you need

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Small jar with a lid
  • Vinegar (to sour him from wanting to connect with you)
  • Salt (to exorcise his energy and presence)
  • Poppy seeds (to take you off his grid)
  • Paper clip (to represent a fetter that can’t be undone)

What to do

  • With your pen, write out your troll’s flaming comments word for word on the paper
  • Fold the paper in half (making sure to fold it away from you)
  • While imagining your troll living in an alternate world far away from you, seal the front open end of your folded paper with he paper clip
  • Drop the packet into the jar
  • Fill your jar nearly to the top with vinegar
  • Add at least two handfuls of salt
  • Add at least one handful of poppy seeds
  • Seal the jar
  • Bury the jar any place but on your own property

If you perform this gem right, you won’t hear from that troll again.

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Paul Thurman

Paul is a qualified transformation coach, freelance writer and energy therapist. He is the Biz-Witchery tarot guy - conjuring his 20+ years experience of tarot consultations and tarot teaching into the business realm.

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