Biz-Witchery tarot consultations and readings give clarity and insight so you can maximise your business.

Growing and maintaining a business requires timing, tenacity and action. Small mistakes can reap huge losses in time, esteem and finances. Often, knowing these things is a burden because it puts pressure on you to perform which in turn brings down stress and anxiety. These emotions, if not dealt with in a constructive manner, can quickly become the death nails that will rip your business asunder before it has a chance to manifest, evolve or expand.

As daunting as all this can be, all the answers you need to succeed are lying dormant inside of you just waiting to be tapped. Getting in touch with these gems isn’t always easy because so much of your time and focus is invested in dealing with day-to-day challenges.

Tarot business consultations will shift your focus inward so you can discover and utilise your buried knowledge to make your business prosper. I act as your guide, sounding board, and adviser. Together we will bring your knowledge into the daylight and devise strategies that will ensure your success.

Currently, Paul offers Tarot consultations via Zoom or email:

One-to-one ‘power hour’ tarot consultations

Tarot consultations with Paul are via Zoom and you can ask unlimited business tarot questions during the power hour.  It’s recommended you put together a list of questions in order of priority so you can maximise your time.

Book your one-to-one tarot consultation with Paul.

Tarot readings by email

6-Month Forecast

Tapping into you, the spirit of your business and the monthly energies, Paul will reveal your business prospects as well as give sound, spiritual advice about what you can do to move towards the results you want over the next six months.

Business Decisions

Sometimes you need to make difficult choices for the betterment of your business. In this business Tarot reading, Paul will identify and expand upon the pros and cons of your choices, so you can make a clear, heart-felt decision that most resonates with what you want to achieve.

Intuitive Profiles

Knowing what to expect from current or potential customers, clients, partners and staff members is crucial to the health and well-being of your business.

In this business Tarot reading, Paul will identify and expand upon the traits (visible and hidden) of an individual you want to know more about. With this new knowledge, you can determine whether this person is a good fit for what you’re considering him or her for.

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